Södra skogsägarna

Södra is a large forest industry group that creates products and services for a global market and contributes to the growth of the Swedish economy.

Wood products and pulp have for generations helped to build our country’s prosperity. Today, we continue to refine the forest’s products, but at the same time we discover new, exciting areas of use for the renewable raw material. Building systems, biofuels and dissolving pulp are some examples. We take care of the whole tree. And make sure it happens in a way that benefits everyone.

We have control over the entire value chain from seed to customer and work for sustainable development at all levels. We also invest strategically in innovation to develop new sustainable and climate-smart products based on renewable forest raw materials.

At Södra, we are 2,900 employees who see it as our main task to refine the 53,000 owners’ forest raw materials into renewable, climate-smart products. This is how we create profitability.

Read mor about us at http://www.sodra.com