We are loop-it and we believe in challenging the status quo and working together for a more sustainable world and society by taking responsibility for our daily decisions.

In order to achieve a more sustainable tomorrow, we encourage our community to reuse instead of dispose by creating a convenient and attractive solution.

We start this journey by creating 100% recyclable and beautiful to-go cups. With our innovative mobile deposit cup system you can do something good every time you drink a delicious cup of coffee or tea.

This is why we offer an innovative, digital solution that is both sustainable, convenient and data-driven. Our circular economy works like this:
1. Order your drink in a loop-it instead of buying a paper cup. Your card or bar code in the app is registered by the café and the cup is connected to your account. In your app you can see that you have one cup on the go.
2. Enjoy your drink on the go.
3. Get a discounted refill or give back the loop-it at any partner café. When you return the cup you register your card or bar code in the appy and, next time you want a coffee on the go, you don’t have to pay again. The café just registers your card/bar code and you are back at step 2.

The values that we offer for customer and user is a reduced cost and waste as well as a convenient, cheap and attractive solution. The customer can also profile themselves as environmentally friendly and every time someone buys/returns a cup, this results in returning and therefore, increasing customers. Finally, the user gets to be part of an environmentally friendly movement and is able to have an impact.

Tack för att ni har klimatkompenserat!